5 Myths You Need To Know About Skin Cancer

While medical services and healthcare in Australia continue to improve, cancer remains an annoying entity without a cure. Unfortunately, decades of research have not produced a miraculous all-cancer cure. There are numerous causes for this peculiar nature of cancer, but they are easy to misunderstand. In such light, cancer is a blight that many people fear exceedingly, some beyond reason. Between the beaches and the constant sun exposure, skin cancer is prevalent in Sydney. Here are a few things to know before visiting a skin cancer clinic in Sydney. Many patients rush to believe anything they hear, but this strives to debunk myths and elaborate on facts.

Myth 1: Dark-skinned people need not worry about skin cancer.

Skin cancer does not discriminate. Many basal cell carcinomas present as a dark patch. Moreover, the more deadly melanomas produce moles and dark spots. Because of these symptoms, many people believe those with more melanin are less susceptible or immune to skin cancer. 

In truth, no one is immune to skin cancer. Unfortunately, death rates amongst darker-skin people due to skin cancer are higher because many receive diagnosis only during later stages. 

Myth 2: Sun Exposure is the only skin cancer-causing agent.

Sun exposure is not entirely detrimental and is not the only agent that causes skin cancer. UV rays in the sunlight are agents that induce mutations in cells. However, our bodies are well-equipped to manage the damage. A little sunlight does not harm. On the contrary, old age, other skin-damaging agents, and weak immune systems or DNA repair mechanisms can leave one susceptible to skin cancer.

Myth 3: Only Older individuals need to worry about cancer.

At the molecular level, cancer develops from mutations or changes in the cell’s DNA sequence. Carcinogens or mutagens are agents that induce these changes, thereby causing cancer. 

On the other hand, mutations occur naturally. Humans have complex and accurate DNA repair mechanisms to manage unforeseen changes. As one age, these mechanisms progressively weaken while more DNA mutations remain unchecked. With more DNA changes, older individuals are more susceptible to cancer. However, DNA mutations are similar to Russian roulette. One never knows which one will cause cancer. 

Myth 4: Base tans prevent Sunburning.

UV rays are damaging, and sunburns are an indelible sign of excessive UV exposure. The skin sends melanin molecules to the surface upon excessive UV exposure. These pigment molecules protect the skin from damage by absorbing UV but also give it a darker appearance. 

Tans result directly from UV damage since it only begins once the skin absorbs more UV than it can manage. UV exposure easily overrides any little protection a base tan offers. Base tans themselves are damaging. Over ten thousand women in Sydney opt for base tans regardless of this falsified protection. 

Myth 5: Sunscreen causes more harm than good.

Enquiring any skin cancer clinic in Sydney will help confirm that sunscreen is one of the most effective defences against UV irradiation from sunlight. With Sydney’s prolific beaches, sunscreen plays a crucial role in everyone’s skincare routine and for a good reason. SPF values inform consumers of how effective a sunscreen formula is in absorbing UV rays. 

There are varying formulas in the market that are hypoallergenic, vegan, and natural! This market demand exists because it is essential. Dermatologists in Sydney recommend that people wear sunscreen even on cloudy days. While swimming, it is wise to reapply after emerging from the water.

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