5 Tip to Get Fit – Even If You’re Lazy

While living a healthy lifestyle is something everyone should aspire to, it can seem really hard to stay fit without the prerequisite drive and discipline. Lucky for you, you don’t necessarily need to commit to exercise and diet the way athletes do to keep fit. In fact, for the most part, you don’t have to make big changes to your lifestyle at all. Here are 5 tips you can adopt in your own life to stay fit, even if you’re lazy.

Abide by the rule of 10s

10 is something of a magical number for lazy people who aspire to fitness, as most relatively low-effort workout periods can be covered in sets of 10. For those who are just starting off, you can try 10 push-ups and 10 sit-ups in a day – consecutively or not. Once you’ve grown accustomed to doing so, you can up the ante and try more across the day to build a good foundation for your lazy fitness journey.

If you feel like you want something more challenging, try to set alarms on your smartwatch and incorporate little 10-minute workout routines 3 times across your day – one before breakfast, one at lunch, and one sometime in the evening. You might find yourself thinking that you’re not doing enough, but don’t fret: doing a little something is still better than nothing, after all.


Walk for at least 20 minutes every day

Like the above piece of advice, this tip works on the basis that doing something is better than nothing, and walking is a very accessible method of exercise. Try to make sure you’re getting at least 20 minutes of uninterrupted walking every day: whether you get these 20 minutes in walking your dog or simply strolling to a nearby store from your home, it’s important to at least try. The pace isn’t as important as the walking itself.

If you’re struggling to think where you could do this, you can take advantage of the phone calls you make and try to walk while you talk. This way, your mind is focused on the phone call instead of the act of walking. It doesn’t even have to be in an open space or anything; pacing around your bedroom still counts, even if you don’t feel like it does.

Don’t sit down; stand up

While you’ve likely heard this factoid before, it is true that standing up is actually healthier for you than sitting down. Standing up burns more calories than sitting, even if you’re not doing anything else other than standing still. Even just two minutes of standing up can help with weight loss and getting fit, as you’re burning calories and actively moving in the act of standing.

If you take public transportation for your morning and evening commute, consider standing up instead of sitting. Not only does this help burn your calories, you’ll also be making way for others who might need the seat more than you, like the elderly or pregnant.

Set rewards for yourself

A good way to motivate yourself to get some exercise is to reward yourself when you’re on the right track. For instance, you might want to reward yourself with a little dessert after completing a semi-strenuous workout. You might worry that this would impede your process, but don’t sweat the small stuff – what matters is you put in the work, and you get to enjoy the results.

Of course, when choosing a reward, keep in mind you’ll want to reward yourself immediately. While a long-term goal of fitting into an old pair of jeans may help motivate you throughout your fitness journey, promising yourself a nice, relaxing bath after working out is quicker and can fire you up faster. That way, you’re not pushing yourself too hard mentally nor torturing yourself by wanting something far in the distant future.


Get a good night’s sleep

While getting exercise is a pretty big part of keeping fit, you mustn’t overlook how your lifestyle plays into your fitness. Yes, this includes your nightly routine and sleep schedule, which actually impact your health more than you likely know. With this in mind, try to stay on top of your sleep hygiene and rest well in preparation for the various daily activities ahead.

You can always adjust your nightly routine to sleep better, and there are many ways to do so: you could look into white noise to play over your Bluetooth speakers, try aromatherapy, and invest in a sleeping mask. However, one tip to always remember is to step away from electronics 30 minutes before bed. Your devices are meant to keep you awake: once you get away from them, you’re sure to have less restless nights.

Although clearly not exhaustive, this list is a good introduction for those who feel laziness is stopping them from becoming the best version of themselves. However, the most important thing to remember is that doing just a little will always be better than doing nothing. As long as you’re trying your level best, you’re well on your way to becoming the fittest version of yourself.

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