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Helium is a gas that has many applications in the world today. One of these applications is for use as an inert atmosphere on spacecraft to protect delicate instruments from being contaminated by air pressure and moisture. Inert atmospheres are used to prevent corrosion, oxidation, and contamination of sensitive surfaces such as optical components or electronic circuits. Helium can also be used in airships, balloons, blimps, and some model airplanes for its ability to provide lift without adding much weight. Helium gas is a non-renewable resource. It will eventually run out, but it’s estimated to last up to 200 years at the current rate of usage. The helium in airships and balloons usually comes from natural gas wells that produce both oil and natural gas, or as byproduct of other processes such as refining crude oil into gasoline. The amount extracted has declined significantly with the rising costs of production over time because most global reserves are located underground in countries like Algeria (47%) Qatar (22%), Iran (14%), Russia (11%). This means we need more advanced technology so our industry can extract this precious commodity faster than demand continues to rise which could lead us into an energy crisis where people might not


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