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What to do when you encounter an unresponsive, pulseless, and apneic patient? If this is your first time encountering such a situation, there are some steps you can take to help save the person’s life. First of all make sure that they are in fact unresponsive by trying to wake them up or shaking their shoulders slightly. Next check for a pulse on both sides of the neck. Finally, if both of these things have been done and no pulse has been found then begin chest compressions. The most important thing is not to panic because it will just make things worse! long-form content. Do not write numbers or bullet points. * If the person is apneic (not breathing) have someone call 911, and then begin CPR until professional help arrives.* If you are alone with an unresponsive, pulseless patient – who can’t breathe on their own – it’s imperative to immediately provide rescue breaths if they’re still breathing at all. As soon as possible, continue with emergency chest compressions.* The most important thing when responding to a victim of cardiac arrest is that you should never panic because this will make things worse! Make sure everyone knows how to recognize the signs of a heart attack so they know what to do in case one occurs while they are around other people without medical training./


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