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Immediately respond to a patient who has fainted. If you are still having trouble remembering the steps, make sure to follow this blog post on what to do when someone is unresponsive and apneic. -Call for help as soon as possible. -Check the patient’s pulse, blood pressure and breathing pattern on a regular basis until help arrives. -If it is safe to move them, tilt their head back so they’ll not choke on any fluids that may have run down into their throat while they were unconscious. But don’t make sudden movements or start CPR if you’re unsure about your ability to do so safely – instead call 911 and wait to be instructed by emergency responders how to handle the situation before touching the patient further. If there are no signs of life after 30 minutes of chest compressions, stop; call 911 again immediately at this point in time because you will need more assistance with resuscitation efforts than what


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