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A __ relationship exists when an association is maintained within a single entity. For example, in marketing, you might have a __ relationship between the landing page and the blog post that it links to. This means that when someone clicks on your blog post link, they will be taken directly to your landing page without having to click through any other pages first. This can help increase conversion rates by eliminating unnecessary steps for potential customers visiting your site! The __ relationship between blog posts and landing pages is a very important one for marketers to understand. It can help them make better content decisions, too! If the post you’re reading now has links to other relevant resources or blog articles on your site, that could be because they are also related in some way. What kind of __ relationships do you find when you browse through content like this? Share your thoughts with us below! This long-form post will tell you everything about internal linking and content strategy so that it’s easy to take advantage of both in order to increase conversion rates. Learn how these two strategies work together by clicking “read more” below! This article includes examples from different marketing channels as well as


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