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What’s an __? This is a question that many people ask. The answer may not be what you expect! A __ defines what must take place, not how it will be accomplished. There are two different types of __s: soft and hard. Soft means they can change without notice, but hard means they cannot change at all. In this blog post, I will describe the different types of __s. There are two different ones: soft and hard. Soft means that they can change without notice but hard means they cannot change at all. A good example is a brick wall; it’s impossible to remove bricks from a brick wall once you have set them in place! It doesn’t matter how many times someone tries to pull one out–it won’t budge an inch because the mortar holding the bricks together has hardened over time (that’s what makes it “hard”). However, if I wanted to paint my living room blue instead of yellow, then I could do so knowing that painting takes much less effort than building walls (which would be considered “soft”


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