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The nuclear family, a __ is formed by the merging of two previously separate units into a single household., has been around for centuries. Today’s nuclear families are not quite the same as they were in previous times. As society becomes more globalized and technology advances, this customary family unit has become less common. The reasons for these changes vary depending on who you talk to but they have led to some interesting social phenomena that we will explore here today! But what is a nuclear family, and how has this social phenomenon persisted for so long? __A nuclear family includes two parents (usually) who live together with their children. There are many different types of families that have been identified by the Census Bureau such as single-parent homes or cohabiting couples without children, but today’s typical definition of a nuclear family can be found in Webster’s dictionary: “two people living together and raising their own child(ren).” The history behind this type of modern American household provides some insight into its staying power over centuries.. The change to the traditional model started around World War II when women were encouraged to join the workforce and men left home to go fight overseas. This trend continued following


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