member function
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A member function is a function that belongs to a class. However, there are also member functions that automatically get called when certain things happen. These are known as “automatic” member functions. In this blog post, we will discuss automatic constructor and destructor functions, how they work and why you would need them in your code! An automatic constructor is a member function that gets called automatically when you create an object. In other words, the code for this function will be executed every time you want to instantiate an instance of that class. You can also think about it as “factory” method: your program has created something and now needs to set its initial values. For example, let’s say we have a Card class with two properties – rank and suit- then our constructors would need to define these data types in order for them not to be null by default. This way, if I call new Card(), my card’s rank will always be equal to ‘J’ (for Jack) or ‘Q’ (Queen), while the suit property will always


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