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What if you were taking an examination and found that the questions are exactly the same for two different people? This is a situation that will never happen in real life, but it’s fun to imagine. Let’s say Person A and Person B take an exam with 10 questions. They both answer all ten correctly, which means they have 100% each on their individual exams. What happens when they compare scores? -Person A will have a score of 100% and Person B will also have a score of 100%. -Person A’s exam was probably much easier than Person B’s. It may be worth it to compare the difficulty levels, but if both exams are graded on the same scale then this is impossible. What if they had nine questions correct? This would mean that their scores would be 90%, making them roughly equivalent; however, one still has more points because he/she completed an extra question. What if they each get five wrong answers? They’ll only have 25% in total. However, there could be different ways to calculate this percentage depending on what system you’re using – for example, some people


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