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The Hootsuite analytics platform has a lot of great features that help businesses increase their visibility on social media.

One of the newest additions to the suite is Post Performance Analytics, which uses data and insights from past posts to give you insight into what your audience likes and doesn’t like.

This can be really helpful for small business owners who want to know how they can improve engagement with their current followers as well as grow their following with new people!

3 Reasons You Can Benefit From Using Hootsuite’s Post Performance Analytics 1) Know what content works best for your audience .

The post performance area within Hootsuite analytics shows you what types of content work better than others in terms of retweets and shares.

It also shows you what type of content might be more engaging to your followers when it comes to comments.

This can help small business owners know which types of posts they should focus on and try for maximum engagement!     

The analytics show that images are better than text in terms of retweets, shares, likes and comments.

audience, concert, music @ Pixabay

Using the right visual content could really boost your follower count as well as get people who don’t follow you interested!

This is because using high-quality visuals often tends to do a lot better with social media audiences.

Hootsuite’s post performance area will tell you if an image has done well or not based on how many times it was shared across various networks like Twitter.


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