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A bimetallic stemmed thermometer is a device used to measure the temperature of objects.

This type of thermometer uses two different metals, usually an alloy.

That are joined together in order to produce heat when they come into contact with each other.

One metal expands more than the other as it heats up and this causes them to bend .

So that the ends move apart from one another.

As one end bends upwards and away from the other.

A needle on top will move and point towards a number on the scale near its tip which corresponds to degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius.

Depending on what unit you have set your thermometer for.

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The current temperature can be read by following the needle up to its final resting point and reading off of the scale next to it.

A bimetallic stemmed thermometer is typically used in industrial settings as well as at home because they are accurate.

But also affordable for most people’s budgets.

Some things you may want to know about using a bimetallic stem thermometer are when taking measurements with one set on Fahrenheit.

Place your object being measured half way between ice water and boiling water.

Never submerge a metal-stemmed thermometer into any liquid.

See what degree Celsius corresponds to each number on your scale before measuring anything or placing an object under the instrument.

Make sure that all scales on both ends of the device.


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