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Have you ever wondered what happens to blood cells when they are placed in different solutions?

In this blog post, we will be discussing the effects of  on a blood cell.

We put a blood cell in three different solutions and observed how they reacted.

The first solution was water, the second was alcohol, and the third was bleach.

As you can see from our results below, each solution had an affect of the blood cells!

Keyword: effects, solution, alcohol Bullet Point of the blood cells! 

The bleach turned the red color on our blood cell into a light pink.

It also dissolved some parts of our cell!

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This is because bleach has a high pH level and it can destroy proteins in your body – like those that make up this little guy.

The other two solutions did not have as much impact due to their lower pH levels. 

Alcohol was able to dissolve some parts of our blood cells when they were submerged for three minutes but then seemed to come back together after being left out overnight.

Alcohol breaks down carbohydrates within living tissue which makes sense why we would see them with such different reactions depending on how long they are exposed to it .


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