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While the length of a blood pressure cuff bladder is not on most people’s minds, it should be.

A proper-fitting bladder will ensure that your readings are accurate and precise.

In this blog post we’ll discuss 6 things you may not know about how to choose the best length for a blood pressure cuff bladder based on your height and arm circumference.

To measure your arm circumference, wrap a tape measure around the fullest part of your upper arm.

For children or adolescents, use the largest size that fits comfortably.

If you are shorter than average (less than 64 inches), choose a cuff bladder with less volume because it will increase pressure in smaller arms and lead to an accurate reading.

If you are taller than average (more than 73 inches).

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Then choose one with more volume to compensate for longer arms which can cause inaccurate readings when there is too little blood flow into the cuff bladder due to contact between the cuff and elbow at higher levels of inflation.

Most people tend to have bigger hands when compared with their feet so if they’re going narrower on shoes.


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