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This blog post is about how capacitance and inductance operate at the same angular frequency.

You will learn how to calculate these values for any given frequency, and what effects they have on one another.

Keyword: capacitance, inductance, frequency.

There are two values in the circuit that are affected by frequency, capacitance and inductance.

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Inductors have a high impedance at low frequencies.

But as the frequency of an applied voltage increases so does their impedance.

Capacitors on the other hand behave exactly opposite to this characteristic:

They have a high reactance at low frequencies.

While decreasing gradually with increasing frequencies until it becomes negligible for sufficiently large frequencies.

If the voltage across a capacitor remains static or changes too slowly then eventually all charges will flow away from one plate and towards another.

Causing current to stop flowing altogether.

With each succeeding doubling of frequency, half as many charges can fill up before reaching full capacity and when they


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