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The carbon atom has six electrons. How are these electrons shared in the carbon atom’s atomic orbital shells?

This is a question that many people have asked themselves at some point during their education.

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To answer this, we must first take a look at what an electron really is .

How it behaves because without understanding its behavior?

You can’t understand how they get distributed within an atom.

An electron is not actually a particle but instead just a region of space where the probability of finding an electron is very high.

The reason why there are so few particles between all atoms on earth .

Because electrons repel each other from one another with electromagnetic force.

Which means they want to keep as much distance as possible from one another when they are close together.

Electrons are also attracted to protons.

Which have a positive charge and repelled by electrons that have negative charges.

To answer the question of how many electrons go into any particular orbital.

We must first know what an atomic orbit is as well as its shape.

An electron in an atom can exist anywhere but for simplicity’s sake. 

It will be assumed that all six of them exist within or around one single circular ring called a “shell”.

The number of spots on this shell where electrons may reside depends on two things.

The energy level they possess (higher energy levels mean more possible places) and their color quantum number.

According to Bohr’s theory, if you were able to see these orbits from above looking down at your hands.


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