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Carbon is the element that provides structure to all life on earth.

In fact, it makes up a whopping 90% of the human body.

It has six protons and six electrons, with an atomic weight of 12 and an atomic number of 6. What kind of bond do carbon atoms form?

Carbon atoms are most likely to form covalent bonds with other carbon atom.

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They can also form ionic and hydrogen bonds, as well as a few others that are less common.

Inorganic chemistry is the study of elements in their natural state, without any consideration for life forms or biological functions.

Carbon occurs naturally in three different states: solid (diamond), liquid (coal tar) and gas (carbon dioxide).

Inorganic chemists focus on carbons atomic number, its electrons’ electron configuration when they combine with other molecules to create compounds like methane and limestone.

This makes it possible for them to predict how these chemicals will react under various circumstances – such as an acid-base reaction where one compound becomes more acidic.


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