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You’re a cash-basis taxpayer, which means that you report your income and expenses when they happen.

That also means you need to include any funds in your account on the day before year’s end as part of your gross income for the year.

And if you had $10,00 in an account at 11:59 p.m. on December 31st.

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Then according to IRS rules those are taxable dollars! Gross income of $100 is a threshold that triggers reporting.

If you had $100 in an account on the last day of 2019, then according to IRS rules those are taxable dollars!

If your bank statement shows less than this amount as gross interest or if your employer paid you before year’s end and didn’t withhold taxes, then there may be no need for tax returns.

A cash-basis taxpayer should also include any funds in their account on December 31st (or other date designated by law) as part of their gross income.

So if someone has over $100 at 11:59pm EST 12.


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