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It’s hard to believe what you read online sometimes. I mean, look at this headline: “Cell Size: An Inconvenient Truth.” Who would have guessed that cells can only grow so large in size before they stop growing? We all know from our high school biology lessons that the cell is the basic structural and functional unit of life. But we didn’t learn about how cells eventually hit a point where they stop dividing and growing because there are limits on their capacity. So let’s take a closer look into this interesting topic! -Cell sizes are based on their function. Some cells like muscle cells or some nerve cells have to be large in order for them to do what they need to do, while other cell types don’t need that size so much. -Cells can only grow a certain amount before the nucleus cannot divide any more because of overcrowding. This is called “mitosis.” Mitotic spindles help pull apart chromosomes and it takes about 12 hours for one round as well as mitotic divisions. For every division there’s a possibility that something goes wrong, which could lead to cancerous growths if not treated! So when people say that we’re living with an inconvenient truth where our body parts won’t let us live forever,


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