shipping label

When a company ships packages to customers, the shipping label includes the date of shipment and a unique tracking number. The recipient is required to sign for receipt of the package and indicate that it has not been opened. This process ensures that each package contains its original contents at delivery. A biosecurity method used in shrink-wrapped bundles of safeguarded supplies is chain of custody, or COC for short. COC is a valuable type of biosecurity because it can be used to trace the origin and destination of any package. The chain of custody process starts with an authorized representative from one company signing for receipt of packages from another company or individual, as indicated by date and tracking number on shipping label. The receiving party also indicates that they have not opened the packages in any way, which could introduce potential contaminants into the contents. Then, upon delivery, the receiving party signs for receipt again and ensures that every item has been accounted-for before accepting them. At this point in time,, if there is ever an issue such as a discrepancy between what should be delivered versus what actually arrived at their location (such as missing items), it


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