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A change coordinator is someone who facilitates organizational changes. They work with employees to help them understand how the changes will affect their jobs, and coordinate the logistics of changing from one system to another. A change coordinator typically reports to a project manager or director, depending on how large an organization they are working for. A change coordinator may be tasked with: * Writing a memo to employees about the changes and how they will affect them. This memo should include details such as what systems are changing, why the changes are happening, who is affected by the change(s), how long it takes for things to go back to normal after the change has been made, what resources or information is available during this time of transition (web links, internal contacts) etcetera. It can also list any questions that were not answered in previous communications. If there are multiple phases within an organizational shift – where each phase includes new processes for employees and new policies – you would ideally have one communication outlining all those changes at once rather than repeating yourself over more emails


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