chemical reaction

What is Delta G? What does it stand for, where did the term come from, and what does it mean? These are all questions that people may have when they first hear about a positive delta g. In this blog post we will answer these questions and more! Keyword: chemical reaction, delta g, positive Delta G Definition and Examples: Delta G is the difference or change in free energy of a reaction. A chemical reaction that has a negative δg is called an exergonic process, whereas if it has a positive δg then it’s endergonic. In general, organisms prefer to be in states where they have low values for ΔG (or close enough to 0). This essentially means that they’re more stable when there are lower levels of potential energy on their system- high energies can cause destruction due to instability. The actual definition of ΔG comes from one equation used by chemists: “ΔG=∆H – T ∆S” which stands for “The change in


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