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Hi, I’m a nurse in the lab and I wanted to talk to you about what we ask for when giving instructions on how to get your urine specimen. We want you to collect it from the toilet bowl with a clean-catch method. Can you tell me what that means? I am going to send you a video to watch, but basically when we collect the specimen from people who are not able to get up and go into the bathroom for whatever reason for instance if they have had surgery or an accident. All that is necessary is that they place one hand on either side of their underwear at the waistline as close __ possible while pulling down gently with your fingers until there’s enough space between your pubic bone and vagina/penis in order to catch urine without spilling it all over themselves. That way our nurses can also check peeing position (whether someone stands up, sits down, squats) which helps us diagnose problems like incontinence or prostate cancer. The client should put toilet paper under


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