clearance test

Nurses are often the ones who help patients get ready for their creatinine clearance tests. They may not know what to do, so this article will provide them with a few steps that they can take in order to prepare and support their client. -Assess the client’s understanding of how their creatinine clearance test will be performed. Discuss and explore any possible concerns or questions they may have., -Answer any additional questions that the patient has about this procedure, such as what it is for, what tests are involved, why they need to do this particular type of testing, etc.. This can go a long way in helping them feel more at ease with being tested. -Let them know when someone from the lab will call to schedule an appointment time (if necessary). Â The person on the phone should answer any remaining questions that you didn’t manage to get out during your conversation with your client., -If there was no mention of phlebotomy tube insertion or


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