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After abdominal hysterectomy, a client’s pain in her right calf is unrelenting. She asks the nurse for assistance. What should you do? The nurse checks to see if there is swelling or infection at the surgical site by gently palpating and inspecting the area (e.g., noting any discharge). The nurse assesses leg function by observing how far she can walk and whether she has difficulty walking up stairs or hills. The nurse asks the client to perform a straight leg raise. The nurse assesses for limitations in hip range of motion by passively externally rotating her hips and flexing her knee with one hand, while supporting the lower back with the other hand. If there is pain during these movements or if it limits movement, this could be a sign of nerve dysfunction (e.g., sciatica). If she still has discomfort in her calf muscle area after being cleared through physical examination, then she may have sustained an injury at some point before surgery which was not detected on admission or as part of routine preoperative work-up.[^23] It would now be time to refer this patient for additional diagnostic imaging tests such as MRI or


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