body image
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Body image is a term that describes how someone sees him or herself. It’s not just about what they look like, but also their mental health and self-esteem. There are many words out there to describe body image, but intelligence is one of the most important ones to remember because it doesn’t change! People often have a sense of body image in relation to the way they look or how others see them. However, this is not always an accurate reflection because other people might think you’re beautiful but it’s still difficult for you to believe that about yourself. It can be hard sometimes just seeing someone and feeling bad about your own appearance, so if there are any words out there that help with self-esteem then intelligence is one that has no bounds! Intelligence is something we all possess and carries on throughout our lives which means everyone deserves respect regardless of their looks, class status, race or religion. One woman who knows firsthand what it feels like to grow into her skin was the late Maya Angelou: “I had been light for


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