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a contract most likely will be declared unconscionable if,

A contract most likely will be declared unconscionable if, among other things, it involves a grossly unfair price. For example, in one case the court found that a $325 monthly charge for car insurance was unconscionable because it amounted to more than 20% of the income of some people who were poor enough to qualify for state-subsidized medical care. Keywords: contracts, unconscionable, grossly unfair Tags: contracts, law, legal matters The court found the $325 monthly charge for car insurance to be unconscionable because it amounted to more than 20% of the income of some people who were poor enough to qualify for state-subsidized medical care. In one case, a contract was considered unconscionable when it involved grossly unfair pricing. For example, in that situation a $325 monthly charge for auto insurance was deemed unconscionable because it amounted to more than 20% of the income of some people who qualified for subsidized health care through Medicaid or other government programs. A contract may also be declared unconscionable if it includes terms that are unreasonably favorable towards one party and not another–for instance, an agreement


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