We have all been there. You are running out the door for a job interview, and you forgot to take your thermometer with you. What do you do? It turns out that if it is windy outside, the temperature can be calculated using this simple formula: Temp=(1/2)(9x+32)+(3/4)(7x-17*w)+(-5*w^2)*(850/(10x)) You will need to know the wind speed in mph, as well as compare it to an average temperature. Special thanks are given to Wolfram Alpha for solving this equation! Numbers: 850*w^-12x+205/100(718x-217)+(1471/200)(820x+625)=-12890/(100)*w^-11x+33103/500(-141)/200=Temp x=(number of miles per hour) w = (the current outside temperature relative to a standard 70°F day). You can use either Fahrenheit or Celsius values. For example, if you live in New York and it is 35 degrees with no wind, your formula would be -25 ((-141)/200)*3600+0.68x=Temp The Wind Chill Factor: How to Figure out the Temperature without a Thermometer. Finding out what temperature it is outside can be difficult, especially when you need an answer ASAP and don’t have your thermometer on hand! There are many ways to do this – some of them more complicated than others- but for those who want a simple way that does not require any fancy equipment other than two numbers (one in Celsius or Fahrenheit), read on below.. In order to determine how cold it feels outside based solely off wind speed, we use Wolfram Alpha’s formula: Temp=(number of miles per hour)^(w/12)+21/(100)(718


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