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The corpse is dead: leave it alone! What a ghastly warning, you may think.

But this phrase isn’t just about staying away from corpses or grave sites; it’s also a timeless reminder to avoid anything that has ceased to function.

We often hear the phrase “dead horse,” which means an issue that should not be discussed any further because doing so will only result in more arguments or problems.

When we use phrases like these, we’re really talking about leaving things as they are and avoiding taking actions that would cause them to deteriorate even further.

This can apply to people who are feeling down and need time for themselves.

Plants with wilted leaves, old houses with peeling paint-anything that needs time and space to heal.

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The meaning is also extended to relationships that have ceased in their natural course of development-whether it’s a romantic relationship.

An argument or disagreement with someone.

Or a project you had been working on together but for one reason or another has come to an end and needs time before either person revisits it without feeling ambushed or betrayed by the other party.

You may feel like leaving things as they are will be giving up even though this couldn’t be further from the truth!

Recently I’ve noticed that I’m spending more and more time alone because my friends don’t want me around anymore.

When we started hanging out all the time last year, everyone was really excited about our friendship so much so that when we


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