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The cost of a project is rarely considered until the end.

Cost control is one of the most important aspects to any project and should be planned for from the beginning.

There are many costs that will not be affected by later decisions, they are termed sunk costs or fixed costs.

These types of expenses can’t be avoided but they do need to be taken into account when planning your budget.

One example would be the cost of labor, which is often fixed over time and cannot easily adjusted due to other variables like economic conditions or increased competition in an industry.

The key takeaway here is being cautious about what you have forgotten because it could come back to haunt you!

Fast Company -Innovative and creative work environment.

The company is always working on new things, which keeps the employees engaged and motivated to learn more about their jobs so they can grow professionally.

Benefits are unbeatable: healthcare, dental coverage for all employees.

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401k matches up to 50% of salary with a maximum contribution of $18K/year (the most generous in Silicon Valley).

Unlimited vacation days from day one of employment (!) – Fast Company really does treat its people well!


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