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A covalent bond is a type of chemical bond that involves the sharing of one.

Or more electron pairs between two atoms.

This is often represented using a line, as shown below.

In this article we will talk about what covalent bonds are.

How they work and the types of bonds there are.

A covalent bond is one in which The bonding of two atoms by sharing pairs or more electrons.

When an electron from each atom occupies the same energy level, a stable arrangement occurs.

This type of chemical bonds hold together molecules and are responsible for their shape and properties.

Covalent bonds are strong but not as strong as ionic ones because they can be broken via heat.

Or by exchanging a small amount of energy with another molecule .

Containing some unpaired electrons to “steal” them away (creating polarons).

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The polarity that arises from this process can be measured using spectroscopy methods.

Like NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance) or IR (infrared absorption spectrum). 


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