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A credible speaker is someone who has the ability to communicate information.

In a way that makes it easy for their audience to understand.

When speaking, they should be able to engage with their audience.

Provide them with a clear understanding of what they are talking about.

In this article, we will look at three qualities that make up a credible speaker.

Credibility, expertise and confidence.

Credibility: Credible speakers are someone who is believable.

They communicate their message in a way that resonates with the audience.

Ensuring they can relate to it and understand its relevance for them.

Expertise: Experts have gone through extensive study.

Or training which enables them to speak confidently about a topic of interest.

Because of their expertise on the subject matter being discussed.

Confidence: Confident speakers possess self-assurance.

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So when communicating with others, there is no need for anxiety as confidence will help build trust


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