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Many people do not know that a data set can have the same mean, median, and mode.

This is because a data set has many different types of values.

The most important three are the mean, median, and mode.

These three things will be analyzed in this blog post to see what they all have in common with each other (and how they differ).

The mean is the most commonly used statistic in data analysis.

The median and mode are not as popular, but they can be just as important.

Below a graph will show all three statistics plotted against each other for one specific set of data.

As you can see there are many points on the graph .

Where the line goes through multiple different values (meaning that it has more than one value).

This means that the same number could have been picked to represent these ranges of values like so: –

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Mean = 367, Median = 375, Mode= 380 or the range could be broken into two groups with breaks at 370 and 390 for example: – Mean = 377 – 390, Median = 385 , Mode= 390.


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