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A database is a useful tool for storing, managing and retrieving information.

For example, if you are using Excel as your spreadsheet software, then it becomes difficult to manage the data stored within because of limitations on formulas and calculations.

As a result, some data can be lost or corrupted when trying to retrieve it.

A database is less likely to suffer from these problems because they have more organizational capabilities than spreadsheets do.

Keywords: Database vs Spreadsheet In this article, we will compare and contrast databases vs. spreadsheets.

large, data, keyboard @ Pixabay

A database is a more organized way to store data than using a spreadsheet application such as Excel .

Because of its ability to organize the data in ways that are not possible with an average spreadsheet.

For example by being able to retrieve information based on one or several different categories like time period and location.

Specifically, we’ve looked at three key points: storage capacity, organizational functionality, and retrieval capabilities between these two types of applications.

There are twelve reasons why you would want your organization to use a database instead of a spreadsheet – here they are!

Storage Capacity – Spreadsheet software uses rows (or columns) whereas databases can store unlimited amounts.


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