eToro vs XBTFX: Pros Cons and Trading Assets

An extremely well-liked electronic trading platform is the eToro broker. The organization, which was established in 2007, runs a communal trading platform and collaborates with traders from other regions. The comparison etoro vs xbtfx is explained very well in this article.

Since its inception in 2019, XBTFX has been working toward its primary objective of bridging gaps between the cryptocurrency market and trading firms. The corporation also operates under the core tenets of extreme accessibility and accountability. XBTFX offers consumers access to leveraged trading on digital content and established financial markets through its cryptocurrency-based Forex and Derivatives platform.



Trading mobile applications for smartphones

Bitcoin deposits

A highly regulated and licenced broker with a wide selection of accepted digital currencies

There are no additional non-trading fees assessed by the company.


Tickets are the sole way to contact customer service.



Investors can use copy trading and MAM services.

The following trading opportunities are available to the traders: ready-made strategies with automated rotation and a copy trading service

Clients’ funds for eToro are kept in US institutions that have the necessary licences.


unlicensed broker

XBTFX is a comparatively recent Crypto CFD broker that provides trading on a range of abilities and has expanded significantly since its establishment. On the MT5 trading platform, they provide leveraged trading up to 500x. Their asset coverage has steadily increased to embrace the bulk of the major asset classes. They are an STP broker with ECN features.

XBTFX is owned and run by XBTFX LLC, a business with its headquarters in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Its office is located in the First St. Vincent Bank Ltd Building in Kingstown and has the business number 155 LLC 2019.

Although they have their main office here, they also have several satellite offices spread out all around the globe. They were founded in 2019 and have expanded significantly since then. There are presently more than 20 staff there.

They provide stretched trading up to 500 times on a variety of different asset classes as a Derivatives broker. All of this is done using the MT5 trading platform, which is a part of the same MetaTrader trading family as the MT4 platform.

They are an STP True Broker. Straight Through Processing or STP, relates to the procedure through which a broker sends your order directly to their financial intermediaries. This indicates that orders are not passed through any kind of trading desk.

XBTFX security

One of the most critical questions someone may ask is if trading with a broker is safe before they begin. After all, they are the ones holding your money. This is why we consider it to be one of the more significant criteria, and we use a variety of factors to make that determination. Broker, user, and fund protection are some of them. The best thing in etoro vs coinbase is that etoro is multi asset platform.

Coin Safety

The majority of their coins (95%) are kept in cold storage by XBTFX when it comes to the monies sent to them. This means that the majority of their currency is kept off the internet and is therefore accessible to hackers.

Management of Risk

Considering that XBTFX offers a credit of up to 500x, it must ensure that all of its traders are shielded from market fluctuations. They have established an insurance fund as a result. This will provide a cushion during sharp market fluctuations.

Several other leveraged exchanges, including By bit, BitMEX, and others, have utilized the idea of an insurance fund in the past. The fund is renewed at XBTFX with 10% of the profits flowing to the funds.

Secure Communication

XBTFX: A licensed broker?

Since 2019, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, a well-known offshore country, has been home to XBTFX, a relatively young CFD and Currency broker

In its capacity as an international broker, XBTFX may provide traders with a straightforward registration process, a high ratio of up to 1:500, and the ability to top off their accounts with bitcoins. The broker is not subject to any state regulation; therefore, clients won’t be safeguarded if there are disagreements or issues with the broker’s ability to pay its debts. We also idntify in the etoro vs coinbase difference that etoro is the best platform for the crypto, stocks and eft trading on the other hand the coinbase has the widest selection of crypto options.

What is the XBTFX minimum deposit requirement?

In XBTFX, a $1 minimal deposit is required. Cryptocurrency brokers like XBTFX are distinctive in that brokerage accounts may only be topped off with other cryptocurrencies; neither money transfers nor credit cards are accepted.

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