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The attitude towards women’s menstrual health is a matter of concern in India, with less than 20 percent of women using sanitary pads. Only 52 percent of women in urban areas use sanitary pads, which imply that almost half of these urban-based woman resorts to unhygienic methods during their periods. 

Purchasing pads is always done discreetly as the country still tries to break the taboo around periods. However, now with the option to buy sanitary pads online, the purchase process has become much simpler. Women can now make informed choices by browsing through different pads that suit their needs and ensure better hygiene. 

Here are some tips for you so that you don’t get overwhelmed by the choices and focus on the following aspects. 

Understand your body

The first step toward buying any menstrual product is understanding your body and your periods. The period flow changes each day, and while buying sanitary pads online, you need to be mindful of this fact. You need to keep track of the bodily changes and menstrual cycle to choose the right kind of pad. Also, estimate how many pads you may need in one cycle. 


The material of a sanitary pad determines your level of comfort throughout your period. So, don’t forget to check its composition when opting to buy sanitary pads online. Cotton pads can be the best option if you have sensitive skin, and try to avoid the pads with a plastic layer on the top. The conventional disposable pads have more plastic content, which has led to the popularity of organic pads. These are made of bamboo fibre and corn starch, which could provide you comfort during your periods.


The size of your pad should depend on the period flow. If you have just started your periods and don’t have an idea of your flow, it is best to get the regular size. If you see that the regular size is filling up fast or causing leakage, you need to size up. You could also get pads according to your body needs, like an extra-long one or one with a hip guard if you have a wider back to prevent staining sheets while sleeping.

Some Indian companies have also used panty liners which function as a pad, and it is best used if you are experiencing a bit of spotting almost at the end of your monthly cycle.  


Sanitary pads brands in india have different pack sizes with costs ranging between Rs 5 to Rs12 per pad. It is best to look for value for money packs and a good performing product that will meet all your requirements. You can also purchase large packs and stock them when they are available at discounted rates. 


The quality of a pad is determined by its absorbency. The best pads for periods have good absorption capacity and prevent leakage and odour. You can check out maxi or super maxi pads for heavy flow days. For the days of light-flow, go for ultra-thin or thin absorbency pads.

Lifestyle needs

The pads you choose must be comfortable enough for you to perform everyday activities. Hence, the best pads for periods in india are those made of skin-friendly and naturally sourced material which allows you to go about with your yoga or evening walks. You can use thin pads for your workout sessions or a maxi pad with a thick absorbent cushion to prevent leakage while doing heavy work throughout the day.

Buying the right kind of pads is crucial in every woman’s life. So, you must consider all the points mentioned above to choose one that is best for your body and period needs.


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