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The idea of a “down under” (a.k.a. “sunny south”) is a really interesting thing. It is a term that seems to be associated with the United States’ southern region, which is part of Australia. The term also seems to be used more as a joke, as it is almost never used as a real place name.

So, the idea of a down under the United States may just be a product of the fact that the sun goes down in Australia every day, which is kind of depressing.

Not too much to say really. In the southern part of Australia, there are a number of large towns that are located in the south of the continent. Many of these cities are located just outside of Australia, and in particular the towns of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Adelaide. This is all in an area that is known as the continent known as Australia.

In the United States, the sun goes down in California every night, so it’s really hard to imagine a country that doesn’t have a coastline. But inland, the only part of the country that is truly “under the sun” is the continent of Australia, which is actually a huge archipelago which is the size of the US state of California.

There are a number of reasons for this: The sun goes down in America, Australia has a vast amount of water and a big population, and the land is largely untouched. In Australia, the sun does go down in Australia, as do other people’s clocks and calendars.

There is an interesting connection between the development of technology and the development of a country’s coastline. As a nation expands outward, the coastline develops. The coastline of the US, for example, is the coastline of the United States. Now the US has a coastline, but that’s not what’s important to this discussion. What’s important is that the coastline of Australia is the coastline of Australia.

The coastline of Australia forms a very important part of the landscape that is used for tourism. If Australia was a collection of islands then it might be a bit less important, but then you wouldn’t be able to get to these beaches. The coastline of Australia is the coastline of Australia.

In the past, when the term “coastline” was used it was used to describe the coastline of France, but it seems the usage has changed. In the past, it was used to describe the coastline of England and even Canada. Now, the people in these countries are just calling it the coastline. So it was used in the US to describe the coastline of the US, but it is used in Australia to describe the coastline of Australia.

This is because Australia has a coastline, and so does the US. The US is the coastline of the US, and the Australian coastline is the coastline of the Australian continent. That is why Australia and the US are often referred to as the “Coastal States.” This is a term that has been applied to more places than just the US, but it still applies here.

I have always felt that Australia’s coastline is one of its greatest assets, and its infrastructure is a massive asset in the developing world. The US, however, lacks a coastline. I think this is because we tend to be more focused on our coasts and less on the rest of the world, and the development, infrastructure, and power of these coastlines is what makes the US the world’s largest exporter of goods.

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