When more hours are spent at home, it is important that you bring in accent pieces and decor elements that establish a connection with nature and offer tranquillity. The same is true when it comes to picking up designer quilts and cushion covers for your bedroom or living room.

Your choice of home textiles, bed linen and table linen says a lot about your taste and personal style statements. Soft furnishings play an important role in adding a whole lot of shade, texture, and aesthetic appeal to any place. You can give your home a unique makeover just by the way you select plush quilts and luxury home decor.

Create a comfortable and appealing vibe by picking up the best quilts and cushion covers:

1. Infuse the space with comforting vibes- Whether it is the living room, outdoor seating, or bedroom, cushion covers are the best way to induce life and colour into your space. Designer quilts help you add comfort with an element of subtle sophistication and grace.

2. Add a merrier feeling- The colours and textures of the cushion covers you choose, how many cushions you choose, and the angle at which you place them reveals your creative sense and taste in home décor. You can change up the look of the room by mixing and matching small and large cushions.

3. Add warmth- The choice of quilt and cushion covers helps you make leisure spaces appear warmer and more inviting. They also serve as eye-catching accents that elevate the look and feel of the space.

4. Choose something to complement the bed linen- No matter what kind of bed cover you choose, cushion covers and quilts enhance the visual appeal and plush feel of the bed, settee or couch. Spread out a tasselled throw and add on silken cushions of different sizes to infuse a sense of luxury into the space.

What to Consider While Buying Soft Furnishings

1. The choice of fabric- You may choose silk, wool, fur, velvet, or cotton. The fabric plays a vital role in updating the room.

2. The count of cushion covers- For a contemporary look to your sofa set or queen-sized bed, choose an even number of cushions, and if you want a traditional look, select an odd number of cushions.

3. Colour tones and crafts- Select quilts and cushion covers in shades that blend seamlessly with the décor theme of the home interiors. A great idea is textiles crafted traditionally, like with hand-block prints, hand-embroideries, etc.

4. Care and maintenance- Not every quilt or cushion cover can be maintained in the same uniform way, especially while cleaning. Look out for how to take care of specific fabrics and embroideries, and always make sure the sizes of such textiles match the furniture they are placed on.

To Sum Up

When it comes to textiles for the bedroom, dining area, and living room, like luxury bed covers, soft quilts, designer cushion covers, beautiful table mats, comforting bath towels, striking table runners, and more, you can use your imagination to pick and choose each piece while giving your home a nice makeover. You will find a variety of options online at shopping portals like Tata CliQ Luxury, Pernia’s Pop-Up Shop, Jaypore, Ajio Luxe, The Decor Circle, and more.


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