You know how you can hear a song from the 80s but can’t quite remember the lyrics? That is how I feel about lyrics. I can remember those lyrics without remembering even the music.

In the same way you can hear a song from the 70s and not remember the lyrics but you know that song is the same, that song is the same… but you see a movie whose music you know and can’t quite remember the lyrics. You know that there is a song and you can’t quite remember the lyrics, but you know that song is the same. That is how I feel about lyrics.

In other words, the 80s song and movie concept is not the same thing. The 80s song is a song that you hear in the middle of a live performance. The movie you are watching is the soundtrack to the performance. In Deathloop you’ll be hearing the soundtrack of your own performance. Because you’re not in a movie, you can’t fully appreciate the lyrics.

It makes sense. The 80s concept of songs is basically the same as film. The 80s song was about the soundtrack. The 80s movie is the soundtrack to the performance.

Deathloop is a first-person game, so there’s no movie for you to listen to to your performance. Deathloop is not about the music. It’s about the performance. It’s about the game. That’s why when you hear the lyrics, you can understand what the song is actually about.

This game basically exists to play Deathloop. It’s the soundtrack to the game. With death and murder. Thats the whole point. It’s a story about a song.

Deathloop is just as much about the performance as it is about the game. When you play Deathloop, you have to play it with the same exact attention to detail as you would a concert, but you will be playing it the exact same way no matter how much people may scream or how many people your friends may throw their arms up in the air and yell “Awww”. Deathloop is a performance.

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