This is one of those emails I have never gotten used to, especially when it comes to the people I mail it to.

I have emailed a lot of people, and the ones I actually have a good relationship with sometimes, I get a little nervous when they are emailing my business or personal email. So when I get one from someone I have never met personally, I feel as though I have no business dealing with the person. But if I ever do, I don’t send it.

I’m not sure what you mean by “person I have never met personally.

If you are sending it to a person you have not personally met, you probably wouldn’t want to. The person will already know the person you are mailing it to is a complete and utter jerk, and you probably don’t want them to know it.

You are thinking of how you should handle your business emails. They are not what I would call personal. They are not personal emails. They are ones that are sent to an email address that is actually owned by you. This is not the same thing as someone sending an email to an address that you have never met personally.

A personal email has nothing to do with anything. It’s just a means to get your message out there. A personal email to someone you don’t know personally is a personal email (even if you use your own name), it is not a personal email (even if you use your real name).

Personal email is a way of communicating with someone you actually know personally. It can be used to share thoughts without revealing your full identity. You can send a personal email to someone and it won’t be sent to their address, but a user called “[email protected]” will end up getting a copy of your email.

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