This is the email that was sent out to everyone who got a new iPhone 4S that had been purchased in the US. While everyone who received it was given the option of taking a photo with it, mine is of my wife and the rest of the family.

The iPhone 4S is only for the United States, of course, but the email was sent out before the US started to switch to Rogers and T-Mobile. There might actually be people in the world with the same problem as I am.

The email is a bit of a joke. They’ve been around since 2007 when Apple introduced the iPhone 4S. Apple is only now getting around to selling the device in the US, so the first time they do is at a big Apple event. That’s fine, but the email was sent out after that event, and it’s still not a great idea to send people emails saying “hey, you’re getting an iPhone 4S.

Maybe the email is a joke, but it shows that the company is still very interested in getting the US to switch to Rogers and T-Mobile, and that they may not have the patience to wait for such a big event to happen.

I’m not sure if the email is a joke, but it is a cheap shot at Apple’s new devices being a little bit too small for most normal consumers. If you’re not using an iPhone, the email is a perfect way to point out that it’s basically a bigger iPhone, not a better iPhone, and thus the email is the worst form of marketing.

The email is definitely a cheap shot, but it still shows what Apple is trying to do with the new devices by aiming for a lower price point than they have been, but at the same time trying to appeal to a wide audience. When you’re trying to appeal to a wider audience, you’re really targeting the low-end of the market, and this email is obviously targeting the low-end of the market as well.

[pii_email_8e0d840d67af948e01b4] is an example of a product that is going in the direction of trying to compete with the iPhone, but at the same time trying to appeal to the middle class and those in the middle of the market.

It’s hard to judge what the “low-end” of the market is. That’s like saying the “mid-range” of the market is the “high-end” of the market. It depends on what you are looking for or what you are willing to compromise on.

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