I just found this interesting infographic on the three levels of self-awareness, and it really gave me a kick in the ass. I think that they’re pretty much the same thing. For the most part, we’re all aware of our bodies – but how our bodies react to our surroundings, to actions, and to the things we eat and drink is different. So this means that our habits and routines are based off of this awareness.

Basically you were in that infographic but you were in a place where you were not aware of all of the things around you, so you were able to take a little bit of meta-cognition and say, “Hmm, I have to take this pill,” and take the pill.

The reason we decided to change our minds was because we weren’t as aware of our bodies in general as we would be. We were also aware of the fact that our minds are very similar. Our minds are the same as our bodies but we use different ways, so we can’t say that every time we do something, it affects our beliefs.

Just because we dont know your body but cannt really tell it what makes you tick, we dont have an easy time believing that we have the same body as you.

So as long as we use the terms “we’re”, “you’ve”, and “your body” interchangeably, we can agree that we’re the same. However, we can also agree that our bodies are different. You’ve got a different body from me. We’re both fat. We’re both sick and tired, but we’re different.

We don’t always agree on what are true beliefs, but we do agree on what are false beliefs. We dont like to say that we have the same body, but are not allowed to have the same beliefs. Instead, we say that we have the same body, but different beliefs.

There’s a good reason for these terms. We want to be able to say that we have the same body, but different beliefs. We want to know that we believe that we are the same, and that we have the same body. However, we do not want to say that we will never get the same body at all. We want to know the truth of the belief that we believe we are the same, and that we never get the same body at all.

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