This email is a little outdated. The most recent version of this email appeared earlier this week, but it was deleted today.

This email was edited several times and the last was deleted today. It was added to our list as a new attachment.

The “vague messages in the sky” were from a mysterious, vaguely humanoid figure who seems to have been communicating with Colt. It’s unclear whether they’re in response to his recent death, or if they’re in response to the events of the last ten years.

Deathloop’s main goal is to kill Visionaries. It seems that the Visionaries are a group of party-loving dudes who live in Blackreef. They’re the only ones who seem to have any sort of reason to be on Deathloop though. They’re part of a plan by a man named Mr. T. to capture an entire group of Visionaries and turn them into a kind of human, “living prison.

Mr. T is the leader of a cult that has set up an island in the middle of the ocean. It seems that he’s been doing this for a while and has some kind of elaborate scheme to capture Visionaries and turn them into a living prison. The main villain of the series is Mr. T as well, and his story is told in the upcoming Deathloop documentary.

As a final note, the name “Arkane” has been dropped from the title after several years, and the title remains a joke. I’m a big fan of the title, but I think it’s a little difficult to get it out of the way.

Forgive me, but a few minutes after the trailer, it turns out it’s the second title of the third series in the series, and that’s a bit of a surprise.

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