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If you want to see a more detailed example of how this fits into a larger meal, check out Piazza Salad.

The other way that this fits into a larger meal is that it’s also a big, delicious, easy salad that you can toss into a sandwich or wrap.

A good rule of thumb is that you can only get away with eating a salad once per day. If you want to cut back on your caloric intake, you will have to make it more of a sandwich or wrap.

The same rule applies to salads. Make them easy and a lot of people will eat them. And in this case, Piazza Salad is a pretty easy salad to make. It’s very low fat, so it’s great for a light meal. While the dressing is a little “trendy,” it’s still perfectly good. The crust is a little on the dry side, but I wouldn’t want to eat this for that reason.

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