Top forex brokers with no deposit bonus: 2022 review

Forex no deposit bonuses are offered for free, usually for new trading accounts with minimum trade amounts and account verification conditions. You only have to pay your no-deposit bonus broker the minimum deposit and trade requirements.

To get a no-deposit bonus, you only need to look for brokers who offer them and sign up on their website. Following that, you authorize your user account by providing your identification details.

Finally, you must download the trading platform to take advantage of the forex brokers with no deposit bonus. Offering the best no-deposit bonuses possible is one-way no-deposit brokers attract new clients.

Please keep in mind that trading leveraged trades such as CFDs are high risk, and you could lose your entire investment.

1. RoboForex: No Deposit Bonus

RoboForex provides a $30 no-deposit bonus to new customers. You must first open a verified RoboForex trading account and deposit at least $10 USD.

Roboforex is a popular trading platform that offers tight spreads starting at 0 pips. Orders are executed quickly on the modern trading platforms MT4, MT5, cTrader, RoboForex WebTrader, RoboForex MobileTrader, and RoboForex StocksTrader.

Forex, stocks, indices, ETFs, soft commodities, Energies, Metals, and Cryptocurrencies can all be traded on RoboForex. RoboForex offers forex leverage of up to 1:2000, but you must be aware of the risks involved when trading with leverage.

2. AvaTrade: No Deposit Bonus

The AvaTrade trading platform offers a $10,000 bonus. To qualify for this bonus, traders must deposit $50,000 and have their AvaTrade trading account verified.

AvaTrade provides its clients with highly competitive trading conditions and complex trading solutions.

AvaTrade does not regularly offer no-deposit bonuses. Compared to other brokerages providing no deposit bonuses, AvaTrade makes its incentives much more appealing by occasionally offering first-time registration bonuses when new traders register for real accounts for the first time.

It is important to note that demo accounts are not eligible for such promotions; only real accounts are.

3. Trading 212: No Deposit Bonus

Trading 212 does not offer a no-deposit bonus, but it does provide a welcome bonus to qualified traders. Trading 212 also has an invite a friend feature, in which you can receive a free stock, as in stocks and shares, if you invite a friend and they register and trade with Trading 212.

Your free share will be available on the Trading 212 platform three days after your friend’s Trading 212 Invest account has been validated and funded with the minimum deposit. 

To be eligible for Trading 212, invite a friend; you must be a resident of one of the following countries: the United Kingdom, Finland, France, Denmark, Spain, Poland, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Greece, Portugal, Iceland, and Ireland.

RoboForex Minimum deposit and Payment methods:

RoboForex accepts the following payment methods:

  • Rapid Transfer:

The Rapid Transfer option enables traders to make instant platform deposits. Rapid Transfer from the Paysafe group is available on the RoboForex platform. Money is instantly transferred from your bank account to your trading account.

The Rapid Transfer method is a fan favourite due to its speed and convenience. In fast-paced trades, the technique is a simple way to open a position.

  • BlueOrange bank:

BlueOrange Bank is a reputable financial institution that accepts RoboForex deposits. Anyone with a BlueOrange Bank account can quickly deposit funds on RoboForex.

  • Barclays bank:

Barclays Bank is a well-known and trustworthy financial institution. Starting with the minimum deposit, the bank accepts payments on RoboForex.

  • Card payment:

Even if you do not want to invest in trade with your funds right now, the credit card is always there to help. Credit cards are used in immediate trades where funds are scarce. A bank credit card is an acceptable method of payment for RoboForex deposits.

  • Debit card:

The debit card is a tried and valid payment method on any platform. RoboForex also supports the use of traditional debit cards. To deposit money for trading, a trader verifies his card and bank account on the forum.

  • Transfer by bank:

RoboForex also accepts bank transfers as a payment method. While traditional bank transfers take some time to credit, there is improved speed. If you intend to trade later, bank transfers are a viable option.

RoboForex accepts bank transfers from selected client accounts.

RoboForex Minimum Deposit:

Minimum payment options vary between trading platforms. Furthermore, it is determined by the type of account you have. Regarding the Roboforex Minimum Deposit, the type of account is crucial.

You can maintain the following types of accounts with Roboforex:

  • Prime
  • ECN
  • ProCent
  • Pro
  • Stock Trader R

Now that you’ve learned about the various Roboforex account types let’s look at the different Roboforex minimum deposit options associated with these accounts.

You can begin with 10 USD or 10 EUR with Prime. ECR accounts have the same Roboforex minimum deposit options as Prime accounts. ProCent and Pro accounts require a minimum payment of 10 USD or 10 EUR to begin trading.

To start with R Stock Trader, you must deposit nearly 100 USD as the Roboforex minimum deposit. As a result, because this account type is for experienced traders, you can assume that R Stock Trader has the highest deposit amount.

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