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It has been said that “a RF Jamming occurs when two transmissions interfere with each other.” A RF jammer is a device which transmits high-powered radio frequency signals on an unlicensed band, where these frequencies are used by the desired receiver. In this blog post, we will discuss some of the causes and countermeasures for RF Jammers. Here are 11 things you can do to avoid a RF Jamming: 1) Use directional antennas 2) Employ a low noise amplifier 3) Keep your antenna away from metallic objects or structures 4) Install grounding cables at antenna location and equipment location to reduce static electricity buildup 5) Eliminate interference sources near transmitter site (e.g. power transmission lines) Other tips include: -Have a back up antenna plan in case the interference is too severe to overcome. -Consider using an RF Jammer detection system, which alerts operators when their communications signals are being jammed and notifies them of the jamming frequency and location. These steps will ensure your safety from any potential interferences that may occur with you or others around you. We hope this information was helpful! If so please share on social media by clicking on one of the buttons below! Happy jaming! 🙂 11 Things To Do When You’re Facing A Rf Jamming: -Use directional antennas -Employ a low noise amplifier -Keep your antenna


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