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Many of us were just too lazy to exercise in our 20’s. We spent more time partying than exercising and when we were finally able to get serious, we were usually so out of shape that walking was the only option. That’s why we need to make sure we maintain a good level of fitness. By doing so, we can avoid the long-term effects of the aging process.

Many of us are unaware that it is actually our cardiorespiratory fitness that affects our ability to exercise. Although we may have no idea that it is actually our cardiorespiratory fitness that affects our ability to exercise, we can still make a few small changes that will help. One of these is to regularly exercise. Another is to keep a routine for yourself that includes both exercise and sleep.

Yes, it’s true. Many of us over-do our exercise and fail to get good results. In fact, our ability to exercise is often the most limiting factor in maintaining our cardiorespiratory fitness.

I have a friend who is always saying, “I exercise for an hour every day.” She is often frustrated by her inability to keep up with her exercise. I’ve always thought she could be telling the truth. Exercise is a very personal thing. We’re going to have to give it a try, though. One of the biggest factors in determining your success with exercise is getting the right amount of sleep.

We can’t always be on autopilot, but we can be. One of the main reasons we feel we’re being on autopilot is to keep ourselves hydrated and at ease. Without the right amount of sleep, we’ll get more and more dehydrated.


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