straw hat

Straw hats are an absolute favorite among most hat lovers. Its timeless and versatile designs help individuals choose from various shapes and sizes. Straw is used in various accessories and is available in different quality materials. However, it is an eco-friendly material that brings longevity to your headgears with years of good use. However, straw hats for women tend to lose their shape over time due to woven fibers that often become malleable as the year’s pass. 

Maintaining your straw hat

The proper maintenance of headgears calls for appropriate handling. While most hat enthusiasts love collecting headgears of various styles, very few of them lack knowledge about organizing them. Therefore it is vital to take into account the following guidelines for adequate maintenance of your straw headgear:

Handle your headgear with care

Straw hats are available in various styles, such as Panama and fedora. Many people prefer wearing classic headgear made of straw. However, very few of them can retain their shape. Yet, it loses shape if not handled well. Therefore it is essential to hold your hat from the crown to prevent breakage of the straw. You must also learn proper storage of your headgears to avoid the creasing of the hat. Some people use iron to upkeep their straw hats. Under such circumstances, it is essential to check for instruction as running at a high temperature can burn the delicate straw fibers.

Maintain hygiene of straw hats

Straw hats are muslin made from organic material. However, some of them use synthetic fibers. Individuals opting for a straw hat for regular wear must maintain its hygiene by cleaning it regularly. You must use a soft and damp cloth to remove the dust accumulated on the hat. You may also use soft brushes to wipe out the dust within the woven material. Regular brushing of your hat can increase its life. Such a strategy minimizes training and discoloration. You can also give your straw headgear for dry cleaning. If you are handling the maintenance of your straw hat, you can use a steamer to make it last longer.

Prevent stiffness of your hat

Most of the straw hats help during the summer months. Therefore they are likely to get stiff when out of use. To avoid such stiffness, you must store your straw headgear in areas that require moisture. You can steam your hat occasionally when they are not in use, reviving its flexibility.

Techniques to tighten your hat

If you do not wish to compromise with the quality of your straw headgear, the following strategies can be helpful to maintain the quality of your hat and enjoy wearing it for the longest time. While tightening your straw hat may seem to be an intimidating affair, it does not take more than a few minutes to revive your favorite hat. 

Sprinkling water on your straw headwear

Many hat wearers often complain about the cracking of the straws. Such a problem arises due to different quality fibers used to make hats. Some fibers used for headgears are cost-effective, leading to low prices of hats. However, with adequate knowledge, you can prevent the straw from breaking. Under such circumstances, you must keep your hat hydrated by dampening it with a wet towel or baby wipes. However, some people prefer spraying their hat with water to ensure its malleability. Such an action can prevent further damage to your headgear by tightening the weaves.

Gentle steaming

Another essential technique to increase the life of your straw headgear is by steaming the hat regularly to provide adequate hydration. However, the steam used for maintaining a straw hat must be as intense as boiling water. Such moisture will adequately hydrate the fibers, and the heat will quicken the tightening process by allowing it to shrink.

Revamp the hat shape

Once your straw headgear is adequately hydrated it feels flexible, the next step is to analyze the shape. The moisture within the hat allows individuals to make adjustments as per their requirements. You can then leave your straw headgear for drying before use.

Use the air-drying method to tighten your Straw hat

Another important consideration is to air dry your straw hat during the process of shrinking it. It would help if you left the hat out in the Sun for drying. Avoid keeping it in a moist environment. It would help if you protected your headgear from the direct ray of the Sun. Doing so can have a toll on the fibers of your headgear. It is also essential to inspect the hat periodically while it is left dry. Once you have achieved the desired size, you can store it in a cool, dry place.

While the above tips shall help redo your worn-out straw hat, you must also ensure its maintenance by storing it in a dry area and hydrating the fibers occasionally. With the help of such easy and quick hat care techniques, hat wearers can ensure the longevity of their straw headgears.

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