This year the trend is lingerie and we have a new point to consider: Lingerie can be sexy and comfortable. Let’s show you the most beautiful lingerie that is in fashion right now: The seamless ones!

It’s always worth investing in new underwear. After all, we spent all day in them. But our demands for lingerie are high: underwear must be beautiful, above all comfortable to wear and it is very important that we feel comfortable in lingerie.

Good thing the 2022 underwear trends not only look sexy, but they are also comfortable. We will tell you which models are most popular this season, take note.

Spending the whole day in bras with uncomfortable seams with underwire or padding is not pleasant at all, is it? After spending most of our time comfortable in 2020 or simply going without them, we want to keep comfort and well-being as our priority this year.

The seamless bralettes are comfortable without wires or protectors and are one of the hottest underwear styles this year. They may seem very simple, but it is in simplicity that we have the most comfortable wireless bra.

Tip: For women with small breasts, bralettes are the perfect alternative to classic bras with seams and wires. If you have a large bust, though, it’s not always easy to find a bralette that fits well and perfectly supports your chest. For women with large breasts, we have many great options at the Cosmolle store.

Sheer clothing + lingerie is one of the trends in seamless lingerie.

Sheer, seamless lingerie has been a big hit in recent years – and this season, too, seamless lingerie items are way ahead of the trending scale. No wonder, after all, styles are just plain sexy.

If transparency + bra is too revealing for you, you can simply choose models like the one above that are more worked together with the women’s thong.

Comfortable panties and bras

Not only are bralettes a comfortable trend, but the focus for underwear this year is often on comfort, naturalness, and well-being. This includes, for example, lingerie made without a breathable seam, high-cut panties, very generously cut panties. According to international shopping platform Lyst, searches for high-cut panties and underwear, for example, have increased by 33%. Another big trend: underwear made with cozy knits – preferably in an ensemble that matches a knit jacket and pants.

Lingerie Fall 2022: Pastel is the trend

We are fans of pastels because they always put you in a good mood and bring a Black Friday bra to our wardrobe. Therefore, we are delighted that bras, panties and corsets are also joining the neutral color bandwagon. The black, white and red underwear is still an absolute classic, but the pieces in pastel, nude and beige tones go very well with the autumn season.

Delicate shades not only flatter the figure, but also look incredibly feminine. If you like it especially playful, you can opt for pastel lingerie in combination with fine fabrics such as satin or silk.

A small note at the end: of course, fashion is a matter of taste and not everyone thinks that the trends and items presented are beautiful. Our styling tips, outfit ideas and hacks should serve as inspiration – what you do with them is up to you. And always remember: what you want to wear is your decision. Don’t let anyone tell you what you can and cannot wear. After all, fashion should be first and foremost one thing: fun!


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