baby story
crib, christmas, jesus @ Pixabay

For the past few months, you have been following Baby J. and his or her family on their journey through their first year of life. Baby J’s parents are now wondering where the little one is at this point in time. What has happened to all of these children? Where did they go? Did they live happy lives? I am going to answer these questions for you by telling stories about what some of them might have done as adults, based on my research and imagination! – Baby J. (Male) turns out to be a really sweet, gentle man who prefers not to have his birthday celebrated because he doesn’t want people giving him gifts for no reason at all! One day, while in the kitchen making tea and toast, he was about to reach up into the cupboard for some honey when there’s suddenly an earthquake that causes it to fall on top of him! He runs outside with barely any time to get dressed before everything starts shaking uncontrollably. The only thing left standing is this big tree right next door so he climbs up as high as possible until things start calming down again. After checking around one last time just incase anything else might’ve fallen over or been damaged too much by the shaking


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